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Humiliated Heroines 3 Download


Starring Nina Neon & Sammie Rhodes
This unusual story, shot as a custom for one of our viewers, features a multitude of fetishes including superheroines, feet, knack out, mind control and crushing.

In Part 3 of the Humiliated Heroines, the story continues with tons of crushing and foot/boot worship. Former superheroine Liberty Belle (Nina) is possessed by the spirit of the nefarious Black Queen. She forces her superheroine comrade Astragirl (Sammie) to submit to her evil bidding. First, she entrances her and orders her to become an affectionate kitten. Astragirl meows and rubs herself against Libertys tall, black boots. Next, she puts Astragirl in a trance and makes her become a footslave, desperate to worship her shoes and stocking feet. She teases Astragirl, eventually allowing her to kiss and caress her heels and feet. Evil henchman Brimstone brings both superheroines in front of the grim villain Overlord. He gives the girls trigger words that cause them to alternate between ordinary personalities and those of master and slave. Under the trance, Liberty torments Astragirl with a riding crop and commands her to worship her boots. Liberty looks amazingly hot in a tight, black leather catsuit as she torments her tiny superheroine friend. She crushes a yellow ball, causing Astragirl intense physical pain. Astragirl writhes in pure agony on the floor at her feet until the crushing stops. Then Liberty commands her to do more boot and foot worship before she crushes balls of clay to injure Astragirl once more. Liberty Belle is put in the trance-chamber again to continue her transformation to the Black Queen. Now that she is more evil, she tortures the weak and pleading Astragirl with renewed vicious fervor. Wearing a sexy black leather catsuit, she kicks Astragirl down to kick and crush her. Then she fondles Astragirls succulent tits until Astragirl is whimpering on the floor. Liberty removes her boots to suck more power out of Astragirl using her stocking feet. Then she strangles her with her booted feet until she is unconscous on the floor. The Overlord places Liberty in the trance-chamber for more reprogramming, She is once more induced into pure evil, and she finds Astragirl and tortures her with foot worship and crushing. Liberty is dressed in a very sexy military uniform, pantyhose, and no boots. The Overlord continues his sinister brainwashing, and he gives Liberty a truth serum so she will admit that she wants to be the Black Queen. His tactics are incredibly successful, and the new Black Queen dominates and torments her former companion Astragirl with astonishing cruelty. Astragirl is forced to suffer incredible physical pain as Liberty crushes objects around her, with the intention of killing her. Liberty puts a leash and collar on Astragirl and drags her away to evil headquarters, crawling on her hands and knees like a dog. 67 minutes.

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