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Superheroines Bound Clips starring Nina Neon, Andrea Neal, Darb

Superheroines Bound Clips starring Nina Neon, Andrea Neal, Darby and Sabrina Stone
Four of our all time most popular models star in this outrageous, campy video! We were really excited about the video when we first shot it but it required so many visual effects that we gave up on it during the editing process. But, digital technology has advanced a lot in recent years and the effects became more manageable so the video has finally been completed. To be honest, it is a bit messy. Some of the effects are great others are pretty goofy. The story makes almost no sense at all. But, the girls are totally hot, the situations are fun and there is plenty of good bondage plus a few knack outs.  In clip 1, Andrea and Darby are relaxing at home when a videotape is delivered. On it is a message from Neon Star (Nina) who asks for their help in capturing ultra-villain Sabrina. (In reality, Sabrina has disguised herself as Neon Star and sent the message to lure the girls into her clutches!). The girls waste no time. They transform into their other identities as Silver Spectre (Darby) and Gold Falcon (Andrea) and head for Sabrinas hideout. Once there, the lights go out and, when they come back on, the girls are trapped in some kind of crazy alternate reality (or something). Gas sprays up from the floor and the girls, with much coughing and fretting, fall unconscous. They awaken handcuffed back to back, their mouths taped. Sabrina enters and taunts the girls. Then, she goes off to capture Neon Star who has entered the hideout. Sabrina and Neon Star insult each other and try to knack each other out with lasers. Neon is cocky, thinking she is too strong. But Sabrina hits her with a powerful ball of flames and she is severely weakened. A henchman enters and knacks Neon out with chloraform while Sabrina mocks her. Neon awakens bound and gagged but frees herself quickly and knacks Sabrina out with a neck pinch. Sabrina awakens bound and gagged and must endure some humiliation at the hand of Neon. But, it was all a trick (a very clever trick which we do not want to reveal here) and soon Neon is bound and gagged again. In clip 2, all three heroines are securely bound and cloth-gagged and they struggle helplessly on the floor. They look really sexy squirming in their spandex outfits, tights and boots. The heroines end up bound and gagged with shiny tape in the back of a van. Electrodes are attached to their heads. Sabrina draws all of the super-powers out of their bodies and distributes them to her evil friends (another cool effect). Falcon and Spectre are completely drained but Neon is too strong and retains some of her powers. So, in clip 3, Sabrina decides to torture Gold Falcon to weaken Neon. Neon is bound to a post, topless and gagged with tape. She is forced to watch on a screen as Andrea, also topless, is bound, ballgagged and tortured with electric shocks. But, Neon uses her telekinetic powers to help Falcon free herself. Once untied, Falcon tries to flee but Sabrina hits her with a ball of fire and knacks her out cold. Sabrina finds out that Neons only weakness is orgasms if she is forced to have an orgasm, she will be destroyed. Sabrina convinces Falcon and Spectre to turn to the dark side and the two of heroines watch and laugh as Neon is bound in the terrifying orgasm machine(!!). Neon moans with pleasure, especially when two hands appear out of nowhere and play with her breasts. Have her friends really turned evil? Will Sabrina destroy her and take over the world? Will there be any more cheesy effects?! There is only one way to find out!

Clip 1 is 17 minutes. Clip 2 is 14 minutes. Clip 3 is 14 minutes.
Available in WMV and MOV, 640 x 480.

This scene is also available on our feature length video Superheroines Bound

  • Model: SHBD0011

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