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KO Superheroines 3 Download


Starring Cory Lane and Tori Sinclair
Another exciting installment in the popular series...starring two of the best and most beautiful models anywhere.

Cory stars as the outrageously sexy Golden Flame. The buxom superheroine sneaks into the lair of a notorious villain, only to be instantly ensnared in an invisible force field. Dick Darkly appears from out of nowhere and chloraforms Flame until she falls limp and helpless in his burly, evil arms. He drags her lifeless body to another area of the lair, where he removes her top and fondles her lusty flesh. He continues to strip off her costume until she is wearing her nylons and nothing more. He gropes her gorgeous body then leaves. In his absence, the superheroine comes to and groggily puts her costume back on. As she stumbles through the labyrinthine lair, trying to escape, Dick rushes up behind her and knacks her out with four vicious blows to the head. Flame is sprawled unconscous on the floor as Dick enjoys Flames luscious flesh once more. When she comes to, she is bashed on the head yet again. When she wakes up several hours later, she is fiercely bound and ballgagged. She struggles against the cruel bondage and eventually frees herself. Flame attempts to escape the tiny room she is imprisoned in. Her superpowers prove inadequate, and soon a powerful knack out gas fills the small chamber. She puts up a noble struggle and it takes a long time for the gas to render her entirely unconscous. Dick retrieves her inert body from the cell and reprograms her in his trance-chamber. Cory becomes a robot zombie slave, controlled by a remote device!

Scantily clad superheroine Tori is investigating a villains dodgey den of danger when a lame special effect robs her of her superpowers. Dick Darkly appears and knacks her out with several vicious blows to the head. He drags her limp body away and places her on a table, where he strips and fondles her. She comes to, so he hits and chokes her back into unconscousness, then resumes his dastardly exploration of her supple superheroine flesh. Amazingly, she comes to again, and this time the heinous henchman chloraforms her until she stops moving. Or so he thinks! The outtakes are awesome and feature multiple unused takes of knackouts (chlora and club) as well as more naked superheroine flesh!
The title concludes with some excellent outtakes. 65 minutes.

Available in MP4 (783mb) 640x480 and WMV (748mb) 720x480. Please make a selection below.

  • Model: DLK462

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